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ARC Welding Transformer

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10675

Ideally used in general purpose fabrication and maintenance work, our products are widely appreciated for their excellent performance.

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Arc Welding Machine

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10676

Auto-Adaptive Arc Force minimizes electrode sticking in the puddle.

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Gas Welding Equipment

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10677

The cost and maintenance of the welding equipment is low when compared to other welding process.

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Spot Welding Machine

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10678

Safety cut off switch for water flow in transformer and thyristor and inverter.

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MIG Welding Machine

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10679

Our welding machines are incorporated with gas regulators, pre-heaters and MIG torches.

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TIG Welding Equipment

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10680

The provided equipment is manufactured using optimum quality components with the international quality parameters.

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Electric Shear

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10681

Min. Cutting Radius (mm): 50 Cutting Capacity Mild Steel (mm): 3.2

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Hydraulic Steel Worker

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10682

Adjustable Strokes complete with rules at punch and shear end. Swing-away punch stripper.

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Pillar Drill Machine

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10683

Clients can avail these machines in various diameters and thickness as per their requirements.

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High Precision Surface Grinder

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10684

These machines have the ability to work efficiently even in the very low-pressure situation.

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Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10685

Largest dimensions of job held: 500 x 350 mm Longitudinal traverse of table: 500 mm

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Compressor Analyzer

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10686

Designed for testing motor windings and jump-starting compressors that are locked up.

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Oxy-Acetylene Equipment

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10687

Use:- Welding, brazing and flame cutting of metals.

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Electronic Leak Detector

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10688

Six Sensitivity Levels High Volume Pump Blue UV LED Light

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Digital Clamp Meter

Product Code : LSK-WEAWLM-10689

This Clamp Meter is an auto/manual ranging, professional meter with Digital Analog Display 4000 count with backlit.

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