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Shielded Metal ARC Welding Machine

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10692

Power Saving up to 30 - 70%. Good ARC start and arc force.

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TIG Welding Machine

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10693

This machine provides thermal overload protection with indicator light.

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Angle Grinder

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10694

Rotatable gear housing rotates 90 for cutting applications.

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Power Hacksaw Machine

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10695

The arm lifts out of contact of the workpiece in the forward stroke to prevent damage to the blade or workpiece.

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Hacksaw Frame

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10696

Material- MS Strip Type- Wooden Handle Supplied with 300mm Blade

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Plasma Cutting Machine

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10697

We have authorized automation distributor of Hypertherm to use and integrate Hypertherm Plasma Power source in our cutting machines.

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Manual Hand Shear

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10698

Blade length: 12" Hardened high carbon steel blade

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Bend Test Equipment

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10699

Then applies side loads to form interference bend on the specimen to eliminate remaining deformation

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Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10700

Our range is known for its corrosion resistance, high durability & sturdy design and is offered in various specifications to our clients.

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Welding Shield

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10701

Material- Plastic Weight- 400 gram

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Welding Shield

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10702

Material- Plastic Weight- 400 gram

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Safety Helmet

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10703

Helmet comes with inside either PVC fitting or ratchet fitting.

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Grinding Goggles

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10704

Clear goggle meeting requirements for occular safety regulation.

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Welding Leather Gloves

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10705

Protection from harmful sparks and hazards. Sizes - 12, 14, 16 inches etc regular.

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Welders Apron

Product Code : LSK-SWES-10706

Heavy chrome leather welders apron with reinforced eyelets and ties.

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