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Exhaust Gas Calorimeter

Product Code : LSK-E-10492

The main components of the Exhaust Gas Calorimeter are:
Instrumentation unit
Gas-to-water shell and multi-tube heat exchanger
Control valve
The heat exchanger is mounted on a sturdy base plate. Exhaust gases from the test engine mounted on the test set flow through the tubes. 
A jacket of constantly flowing cooling water surrounds the tubes, and the heat content of the gases is assessed by measuring the cooling water flow rate and the inlet and outlet temperatures. 

An exhaust gas calorimeter for use with Lsskenya Regenerative Engine Test Set and Small Engine Test Set. 
The equipment measures the heat content of exhaust gases and enables students to determine the energy lost to exhaust in the energy balance for single-cylinder, four-stroke petrol and diesel engines. The engines are separately available. 
A hand-operated valve, which mounts on the control console of the test set, controls the flow of cooling water through the heat-exchanger jacket. Thermocouples measure the temperature of gas and water at the inlet and outlet. A turbine flow meter measures the flow rate. 
The instrumentation consists of a digital, four-channel temperature and flow display unit. This unit mounts on the instrumentation rail of the test set console frame and allows easy and accurate display and monitoring of data. 
For safety, the heat exchanger also includes a pressure-relief valve in case insufficient cooling water is flowing. 


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