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Single Phase Mobile Transformer

Product Code : LSK-EPS-10529

Each transformer has a selection of high-voltage (primary) and low-voltage (secondary) tappings to select a range of input and output voltages. They also have extra tertiary windings. The tertiary windings help compensate for any slight differences in the transformers when used in parallel. 
The transformers are separate units and will work as three individual single-phase transformers, or can connect to be a single three-phase transformer. 
The Single-Phase Transformers is an essential tool for experiments and demonstrations of transformer theory. It is made up of three identical transformers (except for the tertiary windings). Each transformer is inside a separate steel enclosure and all fit onto a frame which has small wheels for ease of mobility. 
Thermocouples measure the temperatures of the primary windings, the secondary windings and the core of one of the transformers. 
All tappings are accessible, so students may link the windings to suit any of the common single and three phase connections. All tappings connect to coloured, shrouded sockets for safety. 
To show transformer principles clearly, the transformers operate as one volt each turn. 
The thermocouples help to measure the temperature changes in a transformers. The readings help the student to understand the temperature specification for materials used in transformers. 
This means that the no-load output voltage is the same as the number of turns on the secondary. 


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