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Soil Permeability Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-SM-10661

Soil Permeability Apparatus
The equipment comprises one each:-
Gun metal dummy plate to serve as a false bottom during compaction. 
Porous stone for the base plate.  
Gun metal mould, 100mm I.D. x 127 mm high x 1000 ml volume. 
Gun metal drainage cap (top plate with a recess for a porous stone and fitted with an inlet valve and an air release valve.) 
Gun metal mould extension collar, 100 mm Dia x 60 mm high for the above mould. 
Each glass tube is longer than 1 meter and has a serrested end at the bottom. 
Metallic clamping ring. 
Set of glass stand pipes approximately 6 mm dia., 10 mm dia and 20 mm dia mounted on a wooden board. 
To read water head 2 Nos. meter scales are fixed between the tubes. 
Porous stone for drainage cap.
A length of 3-meter long rubber tubing with pinch cock is also supplied.
Gun metal Drainage base plate with a recess for a porous stone and with an outlet valve.


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