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Solid Liquid Extraction Unit

Product Code : LSK-TWL-10810

Solid-Liquid Extraction Unit
The fundamental principle of solid-liquid extraction Unit can be learned with the temperature of the solvent can be adjusted. 
Thus, it is possible to investigate the effect of this parameter on the separation process.
The solid to be extracted is put inside a glass fibre bag and is placed in the extraction vessel.  
The solvent in the reactor is boiled and condensed, and passed to the extraction vessel, from where the extract is mixed with a solvent and passes to the reboiler. 
This is a semi-batch unit designed for solid-liquid extraction as a means of separation.
The process is repeated until extraction is complete. 
The solution is again evaporated to obtain the extract.
The unit is complete with the spherical vessel, heating bath condenser, reflux divider, extraction vessel, and necessary pipelines and valves.
The unit can be supplied with solvent feed either from the top/or bottom or with the common arrangement.

The principle of counter current in solid-liquid extraction:-
Extract outlet. 
Extractant inflow.
Extraction material inflow.
Extraction residue.  


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