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Solar Direct Drive Ref/Fre

Product Code : LSK-CCE-11290

Technical specifications:
A complete stand-alone SDD combined refrigerator & freezer with all necessary components and fittings (Plug and Play).

Refrigerator cabinet:
Refrigerant type: R600a
Net vaccine storage volume: 36 liters
Ambient operating temperature: Min. +5°C, Max. +43°C
Water-pack freezing capacity per 24 hours: 1.8 kg
Freeze Protection: Grade A
Water-pack storage capacity: 15.5 kg (29 x 0.6L)

Solar Power System:
Shall match the refrigerator power consumption, climate, ambient temperatures and solar radiation reference source of 3.5KWh/m2/24 hours.

Printed user, installation, maintenance instructions supplied with each single unit.


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