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Heat is a form of energy that can be transferred from one object to another or even created at the expense of the loss of other forms of energy. To review, temperature is a measure of the ability of a substance, or more generally of any physical system, to transfer heat energy to another physical system. Heat manufacturers, Heat suppliers, Heat manufacturers in Kenya, Heat.

Ball and Ring Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-H-11154

The ball passes through the ring when cold but will not pass through after being heated.

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Product Code : LSK-H-11155

The whole apparatus is of metal. With engraved scale.

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Linear Expansion Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-H-11156

A metal rod is inserted into the steam chamber and steam is applied.

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Searle's Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-H-11157

Fitted in wooden case lined with felt. The front portion of the case is removable.

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Lee's And Charlton's Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-H-11158

A hole for thermometer is drilled radially in each and the cylindrical brass

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Joule's Calorimeter

Product Code : LSK-H-11159

Two terminals are connected to coil of wire for passing current.

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Callendar and Barne's Apparatus (Continuous Flow)

Product Code : LSK-H-11160

The element is easily detachable and is encased in a wooden case lined with felt and provided with a hinged cover.

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Constant Level Tank

Product Code : LSK-H-11161

The level cannot rise above a central overflow tube in the chamber.

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Joule's Mechanical Heat Experiment Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-H-11162

A rotating cast aluminium cylinder rotates freely on a cast metallic pedestal and to its axle rotating vanes

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Clement and Desormes Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-H-11163

The cap is fitted with one bent tube, one stopcock for connection to a pump and another stopcock for opening to air.

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