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Lsskenya Surface tension, property of a liquid surface displayed by its acting as if it were a stretched elastic membrane. This phenomenon can be observed in the nearly spherical shape of small drops of liquids and of soap bubbles. Because of this property, certain insects can stand on the surface of water. Elasticity and Surface Tension manufacturers, Elasticity and Surface Tension suppliers, Elasticity and Surface Tension manufacturers in Kenya, Elasticity and Surface Tension.

Young's Modulus Apparatus (Searle's Pattern)

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11169

Lsskenya supplied in case with a ceiling bracket, constant weight and suitable wire. Without weights.

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Young's Modulus Apparatus (Vernier Type)

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11170

Lsskenya complete in case with wire Ceiling attachment and constant cast iron weight.

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Hooke's Law Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11171

It consists of 30cm long mirror scale, spring, slotted weights with hanger and pointer, complete on stand.

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Rigidity Apparatus (Searle's Pattern)

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11172

The 30cm long wire under test is connected to two brass rods about 30cm long at their mid points by two screws fitted at the ends of the wire.

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Poisson's Ratio of Rubber Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11173

It consists of a cycle rubber tube of about one meter length

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Capillary Tube Clamp

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11174

The 9mm rod is also attached to metal plate, so that complete clamp can be held in any stand

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Rising Table with Capillary Tube Clamp

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11175

Maximum height capacity – 12 inches. Lsskenya, Having a cast aluminium 4 inches

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Quincke's Surface Tension Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11176

It comprises a circular metallic plate with three leveling screws and a sensitive spirit level.

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Searle's Surface Tension Balance

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11177

Fitted on tripod stand with leveling screw. For measuring the surface tension of soap film

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Jaeger's Surface Tension Apparatus

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11178

Complete with manometer, capillary tube. All mounted on suitable wooden stand.

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Viscosity Apparatus Stokes Method

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11179

On the lower end a rubber cork without holes is fitted whereas on upper end a rubber cork with a funnel is provided.

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Viscometer Searle's Pattern

Product Code : LSK-EAST-11180

The outer cylinder can be clamped at any desired height and the inner cylinder is graduated in mms and slot is covered by a transparent cover.

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