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Stiffness - Bending and Torsion

Product Code : LSK-MTE-10497

The main part is a rigid metal frame. Supplied as standard are two adjustable knife edges that work as simple supports for test beams. A linear scale on the back panel of the frame allows accurate positioning of the knife edges. 
The kit also includes weights, a magnetic dial gauge and a set of different beams. Also included in the standard kit is a vernier gauge for students to accurately measure dimensions of the specimens they test.
A compact, bench-mounting frame that holds different parts for investigations into stiffness of materials. 
The standard includes parts for tests in bending of beams of different materials and cross-section. Optional additional kits allow investigations into different beam fixings and torsional stiffness.
The Additional Experimentation Kit available as an optional extra, enables further investigations into a simple cantilever, a propped cantilever and an encastre beam. The Additional Torsion Testing Kit is also available as an optional extra. It allows torsion tests on solid rods of different materials and a tube.
Students add different loads to the beams using weights on a hanger. The dial gauge indicator on the back panel accurately measures beam deflection.


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